12 PM
Global Down Syndrome Foundation Global Webinar Series - Fall 2017

Promoting Skills to Survive & Thrive
in the Teen & Adult Years

What You Need to Know

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Teens and adults can survive and thrive given the right support and encouragement. In this webinar we will discuss a host of adaptive strategies that take advantage of their on-board strengths to reduce common challenges in the areas of communication, flexibility, and adaptation. In particular, we will emphasize how to use visual cues and behavioral “grooves” to support teens and adults transitioning into new environments and life stages. We will also discuss better ways to manage their superb but often under-developed intuition and social sensitivity to enhance social relations. Finally, like all of us, people with Down syndrome need a sense of control in their lives to feel empowered and capable. Learn about how you can use person centered planning, among other tools, to promote productivity and autonomy, and to minimize conflicts of control and control at home.

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