New Parents

Welcome!  And congratulations on your precious new child. Raising a baby with Down syndrome is a wonderful journey filled with many joys and thrills, despite some occasional challenges. First and foremost, your child is a baby and a gift and will in many ways be very much like any other child.  Know that Down Syndrome Alabama is here to support you through this new and awesome experience.


We at Down Syndrome Alabama want to support you on this new and exciting journey in whatever way you need us.  We have many resources to help guide you and many caring members who will volunteer to answer your questions and be that shoulder to lean on.  Let us get you connected to a wonderful group of parents who have gone before you.

  • Down Syndrome Alabama offers families with a child with Down syndrome under 1 year old, a free family membership for the first year.
  • Down Syndrome Alabama offers families with a child with Down syndrome a welcome baby gift.


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We want to meet you and your family and offer support and connections. Click on the button below and let us join you on your new and wonderful journey!


"Down Syndrome Alabama was the first place my wife and I reached out to, after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 21 early in pregnancy. At that time we were mostly afraid of, and had little insight into, what that diagnosis meant for the future of our growing family. For us, that first visit to DSA was the turning point from being distraught, to feeling excited about the unexpected journey we were now on. Knowing that there was an organization with people dedicated to helping us along the way, truly restored our faith in humanity. Today, it serves as an invaluable resource for community, information and resources, as our precious little one grows. Thank you DSA for your time, patience and dedication to serving and empowering these individuals and families. Your efforts mean all the world to us!"
-Sammie & Ai Robertson

"When I got the birth diagnosis for my 3rd child, Rynn, I immediately started looking for groups to help me navigate this new world. I had already raised 2 children, both were preemies and NICU babies, but this little guy was going to need more than just my previous experience! I was told about DSA from another Ds mom and they have been a life saver for me. Being able to connect with other moms with children who have walked our path and give me so much wonderful advice is priceless! DSA is a true blessing for our family!"

- Carrie Mashburn

"Down Syndrome of Alabama has been such a great resource for us as we have navigated this journey that we have been on with our son Will. We especially loved being a part of the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk. So awesome to be surrounded by other families who are also traveling this Down Syndrome road too. Thanks DSA!"

- Rozlynn Forester

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