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Lifelong Awareness, Acceptance and Advocacy for People with Down syndrome.

We envision and strive for an Alabama where individuals with Down syndrome are accepted and included for who they are. We provide hope and support to each person and their families with educational resources and networking opportunities throughout all stages of life.


We celebrate all individuals with Down syndrome and bring awareness of their abilities and accomplishments, not disabilities.



We want a world that accepts all people with Down syndrome. Acceptance is a commitment to give value to all individuals with Down syndrome.



We educate individuals with Down syndrome, their families and our community about policy issues and give them the advocacy tools they need to effectively engage with their legislators to advocate for change.

Mission Statement

Down Syndrome Alabama is dedicated to supporting people living with Down syndrome, their families and their communities
throughout Alabama.

Help Us Achieve Our Goals

Advocacy and Fundraising

Support DSA by advocating and attending our events


DSA relies heavily on the generosity of our community. Funds raised will help us in our mission.

New Parents & New Baby

New Parents & New Baby

Connect with others and learn about resources to help you and your new baby. Early intervention is proven to help your child thrive.

Toddlers & Preschool

Toddlers & Preschool

Learn the steps on how to transition from early intervention to the school system along with opportunities to "hang out" with others in the DSA community.

School Age ~ K-12

School Age ~ K-12

Learn all about IEPs and how to navigate your child's school experience.

Ages 21 & Up

Ages 21 & Up

Learn all about transition from school to extended education and/or employment.


Family with Lucky Few Tatoos
Who are the #theluckyfew?
#theluckyfew…. we hear this term and we see it all over social media. We see the tattoos but where did it start and what does it mean? Who are the lucky few? Heather Avis wrote a book called The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places and it’s a book worth adding…
How people with Down syndrome are teaching Google
Working with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Google is collecting voice samples to teach its Google Assistant to understand people with the condition. When Matthew MacNeil uses the voice-to-text feature on an Android phone, the resulting transcription looks nothing like what he said. “Hello, my name is Matthew MacNeil. I live in Tillsonburg, Ontario,” becomes…
Important Down syndrome and COVID-19 Q&A
“The unprecedented spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is presenting the world with a unique challenge. In our case, the pandemic calls for a united response to better understand its impact on the Down syndrome community. Information in the Question and Answer (Q&A) document can be used to help you support your loved one with…



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