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Proclamations for Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

Look for news about all the local cities that have declared October 1st Down Syndrome Awareness Day and October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Kick off the month in Tuscaloosa with the DSA West STEP UP Walk, featuring the Jackson Chase Band! 

10/01/2023, 1pm to 4pm at Snow Hinton Park

See registration link above!

Bingo Card Fundraiser! 

Click Here to get your Virtual Bingo Card and post to Facebook to start!

Each Bingo card totals $321 and each person who fills their card with donation amounts will be entered in a drawing to win a special prize!

Donations will be accepted through Venmo or Cash App. Make sure to tell your donors to note your name when they make their donations!

Bingo Winner will be announced      October 9th.

Freaky Friday Facebook Fundraiser Challenge!

If you missed the Bingo Card Fundraiser, create a fundraiser on Facebook for DSA STEP UP for DOWN SYNDROME and each person that has 13 people donate $13 will be entered in a drawing for a special prize!

Winner will be announced on October 16th.

Join us in Montgomery with the DSA River Region STEP UP Walk! DSA River Region is our newest satellite!

10/14/2023, 9am to 11am at Faulkner University - John Mark Stallings Field

See registration link above!


Each Monday in October we will feature on our website and social media, celebrations of milestones of people with Down syndrome.


Make sure to wear yellow and blue on October 20th to bring awareness to all those individuals living with Down syndrome in Alabama!

Join us on October 22nd in Birmingham and Auburn for STEP UP for DOWN SYNDROME

Bring your friends and family and let's walk and celebrate together! Post pictures on social media, announce your team's funds raised and thank all those who helped this year!

Wear your silliest pair of socks on Friday, October 27th and let the world know you celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

If you would like to buy a pair of specially designed DSA socks, CLICK HERE!

Make sure to take time to thank all your friends and family that have celebrated with you and contributed this month!  Social media is a great way to share all the love you experienced during Down Syndrome Awareness Month!